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Thetford Fresh Up Kits

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Thetfords fresh-up Set is all you need for a fresh toilet, just in one box!

The Toilet fresh-up Set is an easy and economic way to make your Cassette Toilet as good as new. Perfect for second hand vans, as used caravan toilets are not always spick-and-span. The set includes a waste-holding tank and Seat & Cover. The Thetford Fresh-up Set is available for Cassette Toilets C2/C3/C4, C200, C400 and plastic C250, C220 and C500.

Additional waste-holding tank for longer trips or free camping? Even then the Toilet fresh-up Set is a perfect solution.

The set contains completely new and easy to install Waste-Holding Tank and Seat & Cover.
The Cassette Tank Cleaner helps to keep the waste holding tank in a superb condition.
The Bathroom Cleaner helps to clean the rest of the toilet to make it as good as new in combination with the new Seat & Cover and waste Holding tank.


C2, C200, C220, C250, C400, C500


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