Quest Breathable Caravan Towing Front Cover Pro

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Quest’s Caravan Front Cover is a great accessory for keeping the front of your caravan protected from exhaust emissions and road debris. Smart, sleek and stylish design, with high quality materials and natural grey colour way. Be sure to keep your vehicle clean and save hassle having to clean your front windows upon arrival to the site or home by making sure you are using one of our amazing cover. Complete with adjustable straps, lights (batteries not included), tow hitch strap and a great durable material this will surely be on every caravaners wishlist.

Breathable 4-Ply Fabric – The fabric on this cover is a premium 4-ply fabric which gives you excellent performance. The first layer (inner) is a soft feel and breathable non-woven fabric designed to sit against your caravan for protection. The breathability means that it draws moisture away from the caravan to allow it to breath giving added protection. The second layer is a waterproof polyethylene layer that helps protect the caravan from all moisture and helps ensure the fabric does not get waterlogged to increase lifespan and performance. The third layer is a reinforced non-woven fabric layer for additional protection and performance. The reinforced nature of this layer adds strength to the cover and gives the cover a better padding and thus gives your caravan better protection from road debris such as stones, grit and mud. The fourth layer (outer) is a non-woven fabric. It is the hardest wearing layer that is both waterproof and water repellent. This again helps protect the caravan from water, mud and similar, but also thanks to the water repellent nature means that the cover does not get water logged which improves the performance when in use. The performance coating on the fabric and the waterproof and water repellent nature helps ensure the cover last longer.

Adjustable Fit – This towing cover is designed to be adjustable. It has adjustable straps and kador strips on both sides of the cover to allow it to fit on any width caravan between 7ft 6in to 8ft. The unique design allows for a tight and secure fitting for all sizes.


  • Fits 7ft 6in and 8ft caravans
  • Breathable fabric
  • Storage Bag
  • Adjustable and reinforced buckle and kador straps
  • Added protection when towing your caravan
  • Premium 4-Ply fabric with soft touch inner layer
  • Includes LED Lights
  • A-frame cut-away and buckle strap
  • Adjustable width to ensure the best possible fit
  • Weatherproof, extra strong velcro pockets for secure fitting of LED lights
  • U.V. Protected
  • Water repellent
  • Hitch Strap Kit included, for additional security


  • Size (width of caravan) : 7ft 6in – 8ft (215 – 250cm)
  • Lights: CE & RoHS approved LED’s (batteries not included)
  • Weight: 1.65 kg.


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