Maypole 7 Way Electronic Bypass Relay

Maypole 7 Way Electronic Bypass Relay

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7 way electronic bypass relay with sequential fog switching is compatible with LED lamps on a trailer

  • Fully electronic by pass, low current draw 1mA
  • 8 way plug in vehicle signal input lead
  • Optional output for plug in external buzzer or LED
  • Optional output for plug in dual colour signal LED for trailer present and trailer fog light switching
  • Automatic overload protection for each individual circuit
  • Automatic detection of trailer connected (provides the following additional features subject to trailer lighting circuit conditions)
  • Screw type output terminals for socket wiring
  • Screw terminals for +12v and 0v inputs
  • Sequential trailer fog lamp switching, allowing the towing vehicles fog lamp to be turned off while the trailer fog lamp is operating
  • Audible reminder of trailer fog lamp operating
  • Optional output for dual colour signal LED to indicate: Trailer present and Trailer fog light operating
  • Switched 0v supply for parking distance control, allowing the reverse sensors of most vehicles to be disabled when a trailer is connected
  • In case of difficulty in fitting this product, advice can be obtained by consulting an auto electrcian


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