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Isabella Commodore Dawn North

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Commodore Dawn & North
Commodore is a fusion of classic Isabella design and contemporary materials. it’s 3.5mtr depth and choice of three types of frames are a major advantage, especially for those who alternate between permanent pitching and touring and enjoy having plenty of space in the awning. Large panoramic windows make Commodore a pleasant place to be, with a unique inflow of light. For a pleasant indoor climate, the Commodore model has mosquito nets with a foil cover on both sides, as well as and integrated top ventilation panel in the middle at the front. On hot days and balmy evenings, the nets keep annoying insects out, at the same time allowing air in the awning to circulate.
Commodore is available both as a dawn and North Model.

Removable/Fold-down panels: Front & Side Panels
Special Details: Integrated top ventilation, Mosquito net in both sides.
Comes as Standard with: Cube Creme curtains (North) Collage Sand curtains (Dawn), Veranda pole, Draught skirt, Wheel arch cover, FixOn, Typhoon storm sashes, Awning bag, Pole and peg bag including peg puller.
Optional Extras for Assembly: Annex 250, Door Canopy, Net Side, Net Front, Cosy Corner II, Partition Wall, Eclipse Front Sun Canopy, Gutter, Storm Securing Set.


G14 (850-875) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame, G14 (850-875) Zinox Steel Frame, G16 (900-915-925-940) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame, G16 (900-915-925-940) Zinox Steel frame, G18 (950-962-975-989) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame, G18 (950-962-975-989) Mega Frame Steel, G18 (950-962-975-989) Zinox Steel Frame, G19 (1000-1015-1025) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame), G19 (1000-1015-1025) Mega Frame Steel, G19 (1000-1015-1025) Zinox Steel Frame, G20 (1050-1075) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame, G20 (1050-1075) Mega Frame Steel, G20 (1050-1075) Zinox Steel Frame, G21 (1100-1125) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame, G21 (1100-1125) Mega Frame Steel, G21 (1100-1125) Zinox Steel Frame, G22 (1150-1175) CarbonX Fibreglass Frame, G22 (1150-1175) Mega Frame Steel, G22 (1150-1175) Zinox Steel frame, G23 (1200-1225) Carbonx Fibreglass Frame, G23 (1200-1225) Mega Frame Steel, G23 (1200-1225) Zinox Steel Frame


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