Gaslow Refillable Cylinders

Gaslow Refillable Cylinders

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Specially designed to fit all caravans. motor homes and camper vans. the R67 approved cylinders have a 10 year warranty on the complete system which includes the special multi-valve which automatically shuts off the gas when 80% capacity is reached – preventing dangerous overfilling. For complete safety an excess flow valve prevents full flow of gas if the hose ruptures plus an internal filter which protects the regulator and gas system from impurities. In addition there is a built in over pressure safety deice and mechanically accurate contents gauge which can be upgraded to give a remote reading of gas contents inside the vehicle.

11kg cylinders carry 21 litres (80%). Height: 580 x 304mm diameter. Empty cylinder weight: 12.4kg approx.
6kg cylinders carry 11.5 litres (80%).  Height: 492 x 246mm diameter. Empty cylinder weight: 8.1kg approx.
2.7kg cylinders carry 4.9 litres (80$0. height: 310 x 202mm diameter. empty cylinder weight: 5kg approx.

Cylinder 1: Has a centre valve for filling and a single inlet which connects directly to the filler kit or to cylinder number 2
Cylinder 2: Has a centre valve for filling and has a double inlet. The side inlet connects directl to the filler kit and the top connects to cylinder number 1




11kg Cylinder No. 1 (01-4011-67), 11kg Cylinder No. 2 (01-4011-67-2), 2.7kg Cylinder No.1 (01-4003-67), 2.7kg Cylinder No.2 (01-4003-67-2), 6kg Cylinder No.1 (01-4006-67), 6kg Cylinder No.2 (01-4006-67-2)


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