Foe Drain Down for Static Caravan / Motorhome

Foe Drain Down For Static Caravan Motorhome

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Ideal for winterising * * Also useful for servicing and repair work * * Can be used with outside taps, washing machine or dishwasher valves to blow air through & water out of the system * * Can be used with most tyre type pumps * * Ideal for use in most Static Caravans, Cabins some house plumbing systems. *

NOTE! A tyre inflator will be required. Ideally one that can be set to 30PSI, however any tyre pump with a gauge will work. It will be necessary to switch this type of pump off when system pressure reaches 30PSI.

HOW IT WORKS. To avoid the possibility of burst pipes or damaged heater components, it is desirable to remove as much water from the system as possible. Winterisation by a professional engineer can be an expensive job. This kit introduces pressurised air into the system to expel almost all water during the drain down. All you will need with this kit is a tyre type pump. Step by step guidance is included in the DVD. Online help and email assistance is provided by the manufacturers.

Apart from the obvious benefits of removing the water from the system during the winter, The process will also help to remove sludge and dirt from the heating system helping to maintain efficiency and prolonging the life of the system components.


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