Cadac Carri Chef 2 Chef Pan Combo – FREE COVER (8910-40)

Cadac Carri Chef 2 Chef Pan Combo Free Cover 8910 40

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Cadac Carri Chef 2 BBQ/Chef Pan Combo (8910-40)

Complete with New GreenGrill Non Stick BBQ Grid, GreenGrill Non Stick Chef Pan, Pot Stand, Lid and a Free BBQ Cover  

Cadac Advantages

  • Takes up less storage space
  • Reduced weight
  • Easier to transport
  • No messy charcoal to handle
  • No Lava Rock required saving money
  • Cleaner way to cook
  • More efficient cooking
  • Even heat distribution
  • Finer heat control
  • Easy and fast set up
  • Instantaneous heat
  • Faster cook times
  • Less maintenance
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Quick to pack away
  • Equally suitable for home use or from a 2 person tent
  • Modular system offers flexible cooking
  • Upgrade at any time with comprehensive range of optional cooking surfaces

New Innovations for 2018

Cadac GreenGrill

GreenGrill LogoHot for 2018 GreenGrill is a new type of non-stick coating that is environmentally friendly and non-toxic! Made from an organic ceramic it offers improved durability, scratch resistance and coating hardness. GreenGrill withstands higher temperatures and distributes heat more efficiently, resulting in lower gas consumption. GreenGrill outperforms traditional non-stick coatings and is just as easy to clean.

Cadac ThermoGrill

ThermoGrill Logo ThermoGrill, the latest in Grill Technology with circular grill tops now featuring an innovative integrated heat deflector. This exclusive feature negates the need for a flame tamer and delivers even heat distribution across the grill surface. ThermoGrill improves the quality of cooking and reduces gas consumption by approximately 34%.

Cadac Easy Clean BBQ

Cadac Easy Clean BBQ LogoThe burner box of all Cadac Easy Clean BBQs has a clean and smooth inside surface and is made from enamel-coated steel or coated aluminium. With Cadac Easy Clean your BBQ is effortless to wash (normal oven cleaner is perfectly safe to use on Cadac BBQs). When it comes to cleaning your BBQ, you can easily remove the fat pan and BBQ grid to wash the inside. When you clean the inside of the BBQ with warm water and detergent, the water drains off through a drip cup into a removable bucket.

Cooking Versatility with the Cadac Modular System

Cadac Modular System LogoThe Cadac Modular System will bring out the gourmet in you! Each modular cooking accessory is easily removed and alternative cooking modules are available to be dropped in its place to ensure easy cooking. There’s a choice of many cooking styles including traditional braaiing, frilling, baking, boiling, slow cooking, argentine grilling, paella-pan cooking, teppanyaki-style cooking, oven-style cooking and roasting, Spanish ‘Plancha’ grilling and even pizza making.

Cadac Easy Assembly

Cadac Easy Assembly LogoCadac portable BBQs are very easy to build and pack away and can be ready to use within minutes. There is no need for any special tools for Camping Barbecues with Cadac Easy Assembly, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the Braai life.

Unpacking and Setting the Carri Chef 2 Up

Unpacking and setting up the Carri Chef 2 is very simple, there are no additional tools required and minimal physical strength is required during assembly, which takes but a few minutes (see video below). The set up process makes it easy to appreciate the Barbecues lightweight and portable design and gives great insight in to each component. Once the BBQ is assembled and upright what immediately stands out is its sleek and minimalistic appearance. Like all Cadac BBQ products every component has a modern and high quality finish that gives the end product a very distinctive look. The Carri Chef is as practical as it is stylish, its modular and portable design opens doors long since shut to traditional BBQ designs. Undoubtedly intelligent, charged with purpose and versatile without rival, the Carri Chef 2 range is a heavy hitter that doesn’t rely on pounds of excess weight to deliver its knockout blow!


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