Aquakem Blue Or Pink 1ltr

Aquakem Blue Or Pink 1ltr

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Aqua Kem blue is the renown choice for those seeking a premium and powerful toilet cleaning fluid, particularly for those using their mobile sanitation systems at high temperatures and during extended usage of 5 days or more. Its powerful formaldehyde action quickly breaks down waste matter, eliminates unpleasant odours, reduces gas build-up and prevents deposits from adhering to the waste tank. Aqua Kem will only freeze at temperatures below -17 degrees centigrade and, even after thawing, works just as good as before.

  • Available in 1 Litre Bottle.
  • Tough on waste; easy on the waste holding tank
  • Liquefies waste for easier tank emptying
  • Deflates gas build-up
  • Keeps waste holding tank fresh-smelling
  • Prolongs the product life of the waste holding tank
  • Refresh every 4 to 5 days

Aqua Kem Blue, Aqua Kem Pink


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