New in 2021 the Milenco Aero Platinum Mirror
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New in 2021 the Milenco Aero Platinum Mirror

Since 2006 towing enthusiasts will be familiar with the Milenco Aero Mirror as one of the class leading towing mirrors. Known for its class leading, unrivalled performance, versatility and ease of use. Those of you familiar with Milenco will know they have over the years made continuous improvements as technology has improved.

But now the clever techy boffins at Milenco have come up with the 2021 Aero Platinum Mirror. The Aero Platinum Mirror is an innovative new design, specifically developed to securely fit to the extremely tapered mirror bezels, now found on increasing numbers of manufacturers vehicles to improve fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag.

Some of the key developments of the new Aero Platinum Mirror are:

• new flexible, rubber faced stainless steel, sprung loaded gripper plates – some 50% larger than the standard Aero 3 mirror pads
• significantly reduced surface area allowing the mirror to form the shape of a sleek aero dynamic mirror
• platinum clamp enlargement that now allow your car mirror bezel to be up to 25mm in thickness
• the new Aero Platinum Mirror is fitted with a larger diameter arm providing further stability to the mirror
• this new larger diameter means the Aero Platinum Mirror will easily cope with caravans up to 2.55metres wide.

All Platinum Mirrors are engineered from the very best quality materials to ensure robust durability. Stainless steel and brass being used in key areas to ensure reliability and also to prevent corrosion from road salt. The mirror glass is the highest quality chrome glass available to ensure a very long life.

The Aero Platinum Mirrors have been engineered, designed, manufactured and tested to the most demanding of standards, ensuring that they offer superior performance, and a perfect fit to 100% of vehicles to date.

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