Easy Clean Gas Barbecues
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Easy Clean Gas Barbecues

With hundreds of seemingly similar barbecues on the market, finding the best gas BBQ is no easy task but more importantly who likes cleaning them?

Remember the day when it was decided you’d have a BBQ and you being the master BBQ chef of course said “yes” to the proposal. Quite happy in the knowledge you could show off your lovely BBQ and your skills in BBQing. But, then only to realise the BBQ needed cleaned before any cooking could occur! What a chore!!

However, there is some good news – at Cannock Caravans we stock a full range of Easy-Clean BBQ’s.

Why are they easy to clean I hear you ask? Mainly because the parts of the BBQ that get dirty can be removed so you can wash them independently (some people have even been known to just pop the parts through the dish washer on a high temperature setting). Thus, no scrubbing and wiping on the actual BBQ prior to cooking.

Which BBQ’s are easy-clean? Our range of Cadac Easy Clean BBQ’s will suit your needs. The Cadac Carri Chef 2 was actually voted 4th best BBQ in the Telegraph for not only its Easy Clean properties but for its portability.

The Telegraph said “More of a gas-powered griddle than an traditional BBQ, but this is the one recommended by camping expert Josh Sutton, aka the Guyrope Gourmet, and he should know. Ultra transportable and sturdy, it works as a hob as well, and you can put the lid on to do “indirect” low and slow cooking.”

The CADAC range of BBQ’s is recognised as the ultimate modular gas barbecue, offering a range of interchangeable drop-in tops that extend your cooking options.

Easy to build, use, clean and stow; this barbecue is compact and efficient, perfect for anyone with a taste for barbecuing but short on space.

The powerful, yet finely adjustable, stainless steel burner delivers consistent, delicious results on the grill; the integrated automatic piezo ensures ignition every time.

The rust proof, easy to clean porcelain-enamelled lid has an integrated precise thermometer, checking the barbecue temperature could not be easier!

With a separate storage bag do not let its portability deceive you, this barbecue reigns supreme.

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