Delta Mobile Mains Supply Unit



POWER PART DELTA 3 WAY IN-TENT MOBILE MAINS UNIT WITH RCD camp site approved unit new shaped mobile mains unit rcd and test switch and polarity light on back not shown in picture. Mobile mains unit with carry handle. Three output sockets with RCD protection, site mains plug and 20 metres orange mains cable. free standing unit RCD Protection Can be used at home as an RCD protected extension lead Enclosure manufactured to IP40 25A x 80mA Earth Leakage Breaker manufactured to BS4293 10A Minature Circuit Breaker manufactured to BS3871 3 x 13A Sockets manufactured to IP44 20M Lead manufactured to BS6500 Basec approved Mains Site Plug manufactured to CEE17-BS4343, IEC309-309A