Clingons Reusable groundsheet / tarpaulin Eye Clips (1 x Pack of 4)


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Simple and easy to fit, these hard wearing, reusable eyelet clips instantly create a strong securing point, or eyelet, on any type of tarpaulin, canvas and synthetic sheet material, wherever you want, in seconds – no tools required, no damage to the material.

Key Features

Simple, fast and effective,

The heavier the load the tighter the grip,

Can be used over and over again,

Can easily be repositioned in seconds,

Made from reinforced nylon – lightweight, compact, strong and durable,

Grips any hemmed, or non-hemmed, fabric up to 5mm thick firmly and instantly,

Tested to support over 100kg,

Quick release mechanism.


What can Clingons be used for?

Camping and Caravanning – Quickly rig a canopy from any tarpaulin, secure awnings, or add extra fixings for guy lines and fly sheets on your tent,

Boating – Replace broken or torn eyelets, or rig a customized cover,

Banners – Hang banners without eyelets, or hems in minutes,